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[ CHIN-wag ]

Part of speech: noun

Origin: British English, late 19th century

1 .

A chat.

Examples of Chinwag in a sentence

" I love having a chinwag with my friends and catching up on all the latest gossip. "

" Ursula looked forward to her weekly chinwag with the baker. "

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illustration Chinwag

About Chinwag

The word chinwag was made from the combination of "chin" + "wag," which is likely a humorous way of describing the movement your chin makes when you're having a vigorous chat.

Did you Know?

Why is it so satisfying to have a good chinwag? Contrary to beliefs about gossiping, the practice might not be as negative as it seems. In fact, evolutionary psychologist Robin Dunbar argues that gossiping developed as a way to disseminate important information amongst a social network.

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