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[ LAY-bihl ]

Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Late Middle English, unknown

1 .

(technical) Liable to change; easily altered

2 .

Of or characterized by emotions that are easily aroused or freely expressed, and that tend to alter quickly and spontaneously; emotionally unstable.

Examples of Labile in a sentence

" My roommates are very labile when it comes to plans. "

" As a doctor, Louie was very familiar with patients becoming emotionally labile when they weren't feeling well. "

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illustration Labile

About Labile

Labile developed in Middle English, but its roots are found in the Latin words "labilis" and "labi" (to fall).

Did you Know?

While we should aim for stability in most aspects of daily life, some things are just labile in nature — such as the stock market, blood pressure, and body temperature.

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