Tips for Writing a Heartfelt Greeting Card Message

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Sending a greeting card is a great way to connect with others. Anyone can type a quick “Congratulations!” text or post “Happy birthday!” on a Facebook wall. But choosing a card, writing a thoughtful message, and sharing it with a loved one takes time and effort. While the words printed on the card often convey exactly what we want to say, adding a few handwritten words can truly let your feelings shine. Read on for some heartfelt message ideas.

Happy Birthday Cards

Writing a birthday message is right up there with finding the perfect gift; sometimes it can feel impossible. Whether you’re sending a card to your best friend or favorite aunt, it’s essential to consider what makes your relationship unique.

Try to keep your writing conversational. In other words, write how you talk. For a birthday message, try a simple wish for the day or year ahead, or write about a special moment or memory you’ve shared. Give them a well-deserved compliment, or perhaps lighten the mood with a joke about getting older. If the latter, consider your recipient’s sense of humor and how they might receive the teasing.

Love celebrating you today and every day!

It means so much to have an amazing friend like you.

No one makes me laugh like you.

You’re not getting older — you’re getting better!

Thank You

The world is filled with kind and generous people who deserve appreciation, and a “thank you” card is one of the most heartfelt ways to express sincere gratitude.

The message for this card depends on what you’re thankful for. Is it a birthday, wedding, or graduation gift? Consider thanking the person for attending your event and make sure to mention the specific gift and what you like about it or what you’ll use it for. If you want to show appreciation for support or help, note what the person did and explain how their kindness helped you. Specifics will demonstrate your heartfelt gratitude and let them know it’s not just one in a sea of required “thank you” notes.

Your kindness is a blessing to me. I will always appreciate [the meals you provided when I was recovering from my surgery].

My heart is still doing thankful somersaults. Your generous gift is going toward [a laptop I will take to college in the fall] [our down-payment fund] [my bucket-list vacation].

With gratitude for all you do and all you are.

You make the world a better place.

Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air, and romantic holidays and occasions are the perfect time to put your sentimental feelings in a handwritten note. Greeting-card messages can become cherished keepsakes, so take a little extra time to get them right.

How long have you been together? If it’s only a short time, talk about that new love feeling — from butterflies in the stomach to adventures you’re excited to share. If you’re a long-term couple, write about everything you’ve experienced. Remember, love isn’t all rose bouquets — it’s OK to talk about the ups and downs of life. If you have a family, mention times shared with your kids. Don’t be afraid to be funny, too. Every couple has silly inside jokes only you know and understand. This is a great time to include one.

Here’s to more of you and me.

I love our love story.

Loving you makes me a better person.

So lucky to have you by my side through good times and challenging days.

Mother’s Day & Father’s Day

Moms and dads play a massive role in many of our lives, and that’s why they get recognized with their own holidays. They do so much for us that it can be a challenge to figure out what to write in their greeting cards every year.

Gratitude is a popular theme for cards for mom and dad. You may want to thank your parents for their help and support, or for the example they set when you were growing up. Some children like to look back on warm memories and fun times. This is an excellent opportunity to mention a specific moment from childhood, or a more recent experience. Of course, sometimes a simply stated message is best. Just because it’s a short and sweet statement doesn’t mean it can’t express profound love.

You raised me to be strong and confident.

Your love made our home a happy place.

There’s no better mom/dad than you.

Thanks for putting up with me!


When people experience a loss, it’s hard to know what to say to them. Words cannot remove their pain, but they can bring comfort.

If you knew the person who passed away, consider sharing a memory of them with the family. You could also express that you are sharing their sorrow . If you want to offer to help, let them know you’re there for them. You can also detail what you’re willing to do and how you will follow up. If you didn’t know the deceased well, you can offer simple condolences and let the family know you are thinking of them in this difficult moment.

Sending healing thoughts to you.

If there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know. [I’ll check in next week and bring a meal.]

I feel lucky to have known your loved one. He/she will be so missed.

May your memories bring you peace and comfort.

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